Best Online Coding & Robotics Classes for kids with International Certifications.
Best online coding & robotics classes for kids Courses on coding, robotics, game design, animation, 3D modeling & tons more.
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Now is the best time to prepare your child for the future. We offer fun & interactive courses powered by scientifically-designed curriculum that offer HANDS-ON training in coding & robotics.
An Exciting Learning Experience Backed By Scientific Training Methodologies
Learning becomes fun at Diya! We use TechXploration pedagogy, a unique methodology in our training programs. Our Centre of Robotics Excellence (CORE) is specifically designed to help students develop futuristic skills Talk to us for more info about our online coding classes for kids.
What makes DIYA the perfect learning platform for kids?
Our progressive learning platform is designed to make kids future-ready We offer hands-on learning of technologies and techniques. Our learning platform is age-appropriate & suitable for young learners
We use TechXploraTion pedagogy, a unique methodology in our training programs. Our Centre of Robotics Excellence (CoRE) is specifically designed to help students develop futuristic skills Talk to us for more info about our online coding classes for kids.
Internationally-valued & industry-recognized certificate on course completion
More than 60% of STEM jobs require technical skills in math & coding and soft skills like logical thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking. The course curriculum of our online coding classes for kids is designed to help nurture these skills. Plus, our certification is accepted across industries and countries.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Why children should learn to code
Coding helps develop logical thinking & problem solving skills that are useful for the child in other areas of learning as well.
Future ready
Math, coding & robotics are the fundamentals on which the future jobs will be created. Learning them at an early stage helps children become future ready.
It’s not just coding
When kids learn coding, they’re not just learning the computing languages and algorithms. They’re also learning fundamental concepts and key skills necessary for futuristic careers.
Coding Improves
The Transition from Learner to Inventor!
Encourage your child’s interest in coding and watch the transformation in your child from being passive learners to becoming active learners. Plus, they get to learn about:
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Know the Mentors!
We love coding and we are passionate about teaching. That’s what makes us so happy and motivated to train the young learners. The passion for what we do motivates us to come up with interesting, fun and exciting learning activities for kids. It drives us to create a captivating learning environment for the kids.
Our intensive selection process evaluates
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Do-It-Yourself-Academy (DIYA) aims to
Established in 2013, DIYA is a Do-It-Yourself training academy that aims to equip children with the knowledge and skill-sets of futuristic and career-oriented technologies. Our curriculum and training methodologies are based on Learn-Achieve-Become experience that encourages children to think innovatively and creatively. We have partnerships with leading education providers in in UK, US, Singapore and Australia. It allows us to provide international certification and immersion programs to our students. We provide adaptable training programs in math, coding, algorithms, robotics, industrial automation, animation, 3D printing, and lots more
Making Children Future Ready
Our mission is to build a strong foundation in technical sciences using a multidisciplinary approach. We use a hybrid model of teaching that combines traditional teaching methodologies and modern technologies to deliver seamless and age-appropriate training programs for students. DIYA offers the best coding classes in India, short-term training programs as well as overseas immersion programs to help children become future ready
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Is it possible to learn coding online?
Yes, we can learn coding online. We are happy to share that children of age 5 years and above, across 10+ countries are building their own projects with the help of our specialized student success mentors! Our learning platform has a simple interface that makes it easy for children to navigate and learn. Moreover, the learning modules are self-paced, allowing children to learn at their own pace. However, we do recommend parents spend time with their children learning online, which we fondly call bonding over coding, especially when the child is of the age 5 - 9 years.
Coding is the fun way to see math work its magic in real time. Thoroughness in math is not a necessity, alternatively, learning coding can help strengthen the child’s knowledge in mathematical concepts. As part of the learning, children will also use the built-in function and library to create the algorithms, making it easy to build the projects. It definitely helps if children have basic mathematical knowledge such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
A good laptop or computer with Intel Core i3 and above processor, running Windows 7 or above should be enough. The system should have at least 4GB RAM and 256GB drive. Good internet connection with video cam and mic are essential as the course is online.
How often do you have sessions?
We have 2 sessions in a week, each session is 60 minutes long. The first session is Mentor-Led (ML), where a dedicated Student Success Mentor (SSM) from DIYA will help your child code. The second session is Self-Paced (SP), where your child will refer to the learning resources on DIYA’s Learning Management System (LMS), allowing your child to develop projects at their pace and time of convenience. Any doubts arising during the SP session will be clarified during the following ML session.
What is the strength of each batch/ session?
We are experts in personalized 1:1 mentoring, which ensures complete focus and best learning outcomes for your child. Should it be workshops or some special programs, we prefer to restrict the number of students in each class so that we can provide attention to each child. On average, we have around 5+ students in each session for workshops.
What training programs do you offer apart from coding and robotics?
We believe in being specialists, with a strong focus on coding and robotics. Though it sounds just like 2 courses, it is very vast. We have built multiple career-oriented foundation courses in coding and robotics like Animation and Game Design, Robot Simulation, Android App Development, 3D Modelling, Web Development, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, AI, Robotics in Logistics, Walking 3D-Printed Robots, Pick and Place robots used in industrial automation, Internet of Things like Home Automation to control devices from anywhere in the world and Drone Technology.
Will you provide a certificate after course completion?
DIYA is acclaimed for the international partnerships we hold with Industry-Oriented companies from 4 countries - the UK, USA, Singapore and Malaysia. Once the course is completed, your child will receive international certification from one of our International Partners based on the course completed. This also helps us to stay relevant with the changing trends in technology ensuring that your child gets the best from across the world as a one stop solution for future-tech education.
Do you offer any other programs?
We offer international technology immersion programs for children in Grade 6 and above, which is an opportunity for your child to travel overseas to the UK, USA, Singapore or Australia based on the choice of the program and interact with international experts towards building projects with their support. As part of our inspiration initiative, your child will also get to visit a Future-Tech company so they get to experience the future and get motivated. We do know that all work and no play makes the jack boy dull, and so to ensure your child has a fun-tastic experience, we have coupled local sightseeing and entertainment activities. We are happy to share more details once you get in touch with us, so we can suggest the best options for your child!
How can I enrol in this program?
It’s as easy as filling up a form. You just need to fill our online form and we will get back to you at the earliest.
Do you have any discounts?
We offer group enrollment discounts if your child would like to take up the course along with a few more friends. We also offer one time gratitude discounts when you help one of your friends to enable their child to be part of DIYA’s Future-Tech courses. The best part is that both you and your friend will be given a gratitude discount! Please get in touch with our team by filling out the form for more details.