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The Fundamentals of Algorithms in Web Development
The Fundamentals of Algorithms in Web Development
The Future of Coding: How Generative AI is Changing the Game for Coders
The Future of Coding: How Generative AI is Changing the Game for Coders
The Robot Hustle: 2024's Startup Scene is Lit!
Hello, tech-savvy and future enthusiasts! Let's discuss robotic product startups, which are the true MVPs of 2024. These startups are altering the rules, not just participating in them
The Role of Online Coding & Robotics Classes
The Role of Online Coding & Robotics Classes
Delivery drones and not flying cars, the actual reality of last-mile transport solutions
Delivery drones and not flying cars, the actual reality of last-mile transport solutions
The Importance of Nutrition Education
When it comes to physical and mental growth, nutrition is the one thing that our children need the most.
Imagination and creativity – Nurturing Greatness
The imagination of a child is a wonderful place that’s filled with vibrancy and light! It’s the ability of a child to come up with new ideas or think of alternative scenarios.
Forming a healthy parent-child relationship
Being a parent is definitely a LOT of effort. After all, you’re raising a child that’s always coming up with new ideas and not all of them are ideas you should consider executing. It’s difficult to focus on a healthy relationship when we’re always so busy and making sure they keep for themselves.
How you can help your child learn!
Learning is an integral part of childhood. Children are always learning, especially from the adults around them. However, their capacity to learn is greatly affected by their daily lives and their upbringing. And as a parent, you have an enormous effect on the same.
Why Robotics is perfect for younger children
Online robotic courses are quite the rage these days. But many parents have remained incredibly nervous about what such a course could mean for their child! let us take a closer look so we can understand why they are nervous and how good Online learning platforms really are.
Welcome to an enticing world of robotics
With all the talk we converse about robotics, we realized that we definitely needed to walk the walk after talking up such a big game. So we went all-out in Brownstone Apartments at Nungambakkam, Chennai, India. So, what did we do? We took every model of a robot we ever made and coded them to serve a specific purpose.
The Value Of Comparing Training Methodology
At Caprice Learning Labs, there was a convention for Preschool owners to discuss a problem that was becoming more prominent. Steps are needed to be taken immediately or we would have to risk our children’s education and mental health.
The Benefits of Being An Online Mentor
Teachers play a vital role in helping children grow. The largest impact that a school can have on a child is heavily dependent on teachers. Which is why it’s important for teachers to be well-trained and incredibly well-adjusted so they’re able to handle groups of screaming children or rebellious teenagers.
How Online Learning Prepares Children For The Future
The world today is moving at a pace that even many adults struggle with. Many parents are beginning to wonder if standard education is indeed enough, and they actually do have a point.
The Rise Of A Tech-Oriented Generation
On Children’s Day 2021, we at DIYA Robotics held a tech presentation contest for all the children who benefit from our online learning platform. We were pleasantly surprised by how well each project was presented, and were impressed with the concept behind each project!
The Benefits of Mentoring Online
There are a lot of benefits to learning online, and that goes both ways. However, just as online learning for children has a massive amount of benefits for the children themselves, it is good to note that it gives mentors some advantages as well. And a good mentor can make for a brilliant student!
Teaching Your Child To Take Initiative
The ability to take the first step is one that some adults have to acquire much later in life. However, helping your child cultivate that ability will help them on their way to success in the future. Taking initiative is easy for children in the beginning but as they grow and communicate they begin to take their cues from their parents.
Interesting career options for kids - Preparing them for an innovative future
Robotics Online Classes for kids in India are booming and it only makes it fair to ensure your child gets the best coaching in robotics. AI, Machine learning, and robotics are going to be the future and it's time to find a coach who exactly understands your child's needs.">
Basic Robotics For Kids To Explore
Robotics has seen immense advancement with new technologies and programs used every day. However, what’s even better is the fact that new technologies have come out to help children learn the coding required for robotics as well! If a child wishes to learn robotics, then there are some phenomenal options that a parent can help with.
To Push or To Motivate - What is Right?
What is the right way to push your child? The answer to this is nada. You shouldn't push your child. Instead, motivate them! Be it career or in personal life, or even while teaching them values. It is very important that kids are always guided the right way with patience.
Should Your Child Have a Future in Technology?
It’s no surprise that technology as a whole has multiple viable career paths, but the question isn’t just about the availability of a career path, but rather how well your child may be able to excel on the same path.
Skills That Every Child Needs For A Bright Future
There are plenty of real-life technical skills that children can learn at an internationally acclaimed online learning platform like DIYA (Do It Yourself Academy). However, what really brings out the best in these technical skills are certain life skills that every human will need to use throughout their life, their education, and their career! The sooner children learn these skills, the richer the quality of their life will become, and their potential is unleashed. What are these skills? Allow us to explain.
Hey, as parents, do you have some doubts about robotics and its nature of learning, and reasonably so.
Best way to learn programming for kids at home
Best way to learn programming for kids at home
Robotics in Education - Advantages, Benefits & Importance for kids
Robotics in Education - Advantages, Benefits & Importance for kids
8 reasons why every child should learn to code
8 reasons why every child should learn to code